Can you have a node delegate work to others?


Was wondering will you be able to run say 1 node and delegate work to other nodes through it. I know this was spoken about in the past and was achievable.

The big use case is you can idle some nodes at the beginning while tx fees are low and they can become more “trusted” then once it’s profitable spin up a bunch of others and feed work through them.

Or maybe have one node and just spin up more resources under it to process more transactions?

The reason for this is if there isn’t enough transaction to support profitable node running in the beginning you can take a loss on 1, but it builds history, so when the time comes that it makes financial sense to run nodes, you can have work allocated to you as opposed to starting from scratch with say 50 nodes.

Just makes the profitability process more efficient and less wasteful.



We have not yet tested this so the following is hypothetical.

You could have a single “gateway” node that has a public IP and is connected to the internet (and public Radix DLT network). The other (NAT) side of this gateway node can be connected to a bunch of nodes on your LAN (

  1. The nodes on the LAN would be limited to receive gossip from the “gateway” node.
  2. The nodes on the LAN could not be directly synced from.

It also seems like a good idea to put all nodes on a LAN in the same Shard so that they all server/validate the same ledger.