[Economic Model Suggestion] Proposal with 15Bn supply

Suggestion for changes of Radix Economics Proposal v2.

I suggest increasing total supply from 12Bn to 15Bn with the following allocations:

Genesis Community: 3.0Bn (20%)
Foundation Locked: 2.7Bn (18%)
Foundation Float: 1.2Bn (8%)
Network Subsidy: 2.7Bn (18%)
RadixDLT Ltd: 2.4Bn (16%)
Stable Token Reserve: 3.0Bn (20%)

Suggestions for subsidy distribution rate to network nodes: 1.5 million per week for 1800 weeks (~34 years). Or 1 million per week for 2700 weeks (~52 years). Or 0.75 million per week for 3600 weeks (~69 years). Or some other variation. Or maybe gradually decreasing over time.

The purpose of the subsidy is not only to secure the network, but also a way to distribute the token. We want a wide distribution. Anyone can run a node and earn tokens. Maybe the subsidy is not needed to secure the network because there are fees, but that doesn’t matter. Pay it anyway, as a ”thank you for running a node” reward.