Error on He3 investor table for the New XRD Received


The He3labs Radix Economic Calculator appears to have an error in how it’s calculating the New.XRD.Received column (and therefore the XRD.Balance column too). The amount it’s showing for the New XRD Received is too high.

Let’s take an example using the default parameters. In week 2, you start with 1000 XRD (purchased in week 1). The total XRD at the start of week 2 is 112,259,584. And the Expansion.XRD is 23,333,333. 10% of the Expansion.XRD goes into the Radix Team Incentives, which leaves 21,000,000 to split among the XRD owners.

New.XRD = Your.XRD / Total.XRD * Expansion.XRD
New.XRD = 1000 / 112,259,584 * 21,000,000 = 187

So the amount of New XRD received at the end of week 2 should be 187. But instead, the He3labs Investor Table shows 380.

Perhaps I’m not understanding the calculation correctly. If not, could someone point out how the New.XRD is supposed to be calculated?


There was indeed an error. The model was incorrectly including XRD purchased when calculating how much of the expanded XRD supply to give the investor. Thank you for finding the bug! It’s now fixed.

However, the visualizer still doesn’t match your example. That’s because in the visualizer the investor gains their coins at the beginning of week 1. In your example, the investor gains their initial XRD at the end of week 1, resulting in one less week of gains.

Note that this bug only affected the investor returns table. It did not impact any of the other economic calculations or outputs in the app.


For convenience, here is a link to the model for those who may not have seen it.



Thanks for fixing that bug. I’ve found the He3 visualizer very useful! However, the Radix economic paper clearly states that the redistribution tokens only go to those who had already owned the XRD prior to the current period. So, at the end of week 1, only the Genesis token owners will gain anything from the redistribution.

The quote I’m referring to is on page 17 of the economic paper and is in bold: “This redistribution only goes to balance holders who were holding their Rads BEFORE the current period.”

While your current values are correct, it only makes sense if you were able to particilate in the Genesis investments. I suppose that we can work around that by setting the “Buy XRD Week” to week 2 instead of week 1, but I think it would make more sense to have the week 1 buy mean that you get redistributions starting in week 2.