Introduce yourself



Welcome to the Radix Technical Forum. Introduce yourself on this thread, and tell us how you are using the Radix ledger in your application tech stack.


I’m Henri - irl - but I often use skywave or skipper as my online names…
Have enjoyed the ride together with Dan and a bunch of other great folks for almost 6 years.
GO Radix! :+1:


My name is Eddy, I’m 33 years old and I’m from Spain and I’m very interested in Radix’s new technology. I come from the blockchain (I’m not a developer) but I hope to move forward and learn everything about this technology. Greetings to all :wink:


…welcome Eddy… :smile:


Hi, my name is Faraz - I discovered Radix about a year ago in my search for a DLT that actually attempts to address the blockchain bottleneck. I was fortunate enough to meet some of the team at the Alpha launch in London last year and have been following the chat on Telegram intently ever since!

I’m not a developer but I am a huge fan of the tech, and look forward to seeing how things develop this year!


Hello- my name is John- I’ve been thinking about getting more involved with Radix off and on for several months. I would like to contribute somehow- even if it means proving at first how much inbound traffic I can generate for Radix. So I’m looking to talk to Laura Woods too on here (if anyone knows if she is on here).

John P,
Copy Manager, XTRABYTES


Hello my name is Sebastian from Bolivia. I am trying to develop a online platform to trade green coffee, and perhaps radix is the infrastructure to use. I hope to learn more of it on the different communities. Cheers.